what is insta growth? 

as the name suggests, we will grow your Instagram account with real, targeted followers.



£39  /  $49



weekly analytics

(we’ll email you weekly analytics on your followers, engagement and views)

£69  /  $89



weekly analytics
account optimization

(we’ll let you know when and what to post, which hashtags & geotags to use and more)

£89  /  $109

why choose us?

if you want to grow your Instagram account, we’re the best company for the job. for two simple reasons… 

1. we’re real. unlike 99% of other companies providing this service, we don’t plug your username into an app and let it do all the work for us. we manually log-in to your Instagram account and build a community of real followers that love you.

2. we’ve won awards for being the best. simple.

frequently asked questions

we’ll log into your account and personally interact with your exact target market. they’ll see you’ve liked their posts, maybe commented and followed them and, naturally, reciprocate. from there, we’ll start to build up a relationship with them until they know and trust you enough to buy from you, listen to your music, watch your YouTube videos, or whatever else you want them to do!

we’re very proud to say we fully comply with Instagram’s Terms and Conditions.
this is because, unlike similar services, we do everything on your account personally and manually – we’ll never use bots or purchase fake followers.

yes, every account is right for this.
however, for the best results, we’d advise your account is over a month old, with at least 15 posts, and regular, high-quality content being posted.

yes. we’ve never lost a client’s Instagram account and plan on keeping it that way.  

nope. we work on a one-month-rolling basis (so you can stop at any time) and there are no hidden fees.

your growth rate will depend on a number of factors, but check out our case studies here to see the kind of results you can achieve if you post high-quality, consistent content, and your profile and posts are optimized well. 

yes. we actively encourage you to post regular, high-quality content. try not to like too many posts or follow too many people, though, as we’ll be doing that for you!