why should you have a social media manager?

it’s common knowledge that word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing… 
after all, you trust people you know and love, right? 

well, imagine someone is looking to buy a specific product, and their trusted friend just so happens to be selling it.
they’re going to buy it from the friend over a random company, right?
we’re going to make you that friend. 

we’ll find your exact target market, get involved in their conversations and build a relationship with them online.
that way, when they come to buy the product / service you’re selling, they’ll choose you over everyone else. 


why work with us?

what’s included in our social media management packages?

if needed, we’ll create and optimize your social media accounts

we’ll keep your audience up to date with regular posts, optimized for each individual social media platform

we’ll grow your social media accounts with real, targeted followers

we’ll regularly engage with your followers by responding to their questions, joining in their conversations, and, at the end of the day, build a community that loves you

whether you’d like to post images, articles, videos, graphics, blogs or any other types of content, we can find it for you

graphics creation for social media posts, contests, paid ads and more

we’ll arrange collaborations with social media influencers who’s followers are your exact target market

the creation and management of competitions on your social media platforms

we’ll create, manage and analyze your paid ads on social media

every week, we’ll provide you with analytics on your followers, engagement and views

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